What is a TDP?

A Transit Development Plan (TDP) represents the community’s vision for public transportation. TDPs are a state requirement in order for transit agencies to be eligible for the State of Florida Public Transit Block Grant Program.

The Block Grant Program requires public transit service providers to develop, adopt, and annually update a 10-Year Transit Development Plan (TDP) to ensure that the provision of public transportation is consistent with the mobility needs of the local communities. Under legislation that became effective February 20, 2007, the TDP must undergo a Major Update every five years. Each update must be submitted to the appropriate Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Office by September 1st. Major updates involve more substantial reporting requirements than annual minor updates. Development of the TDP includes a review of planning and policy documents, a documentation of study area conditions, demographic characteristics, current transit services, and incorporation of  public input through public involvement efforts. The end result is a set of recommendations and the creation of a financial plan for the next 10 years.

This major Transit Development Plan (TDP) update was initiated by the Marion County Transportation Planning Organization (TPO).

Why should I participate?

We want to know how public transportation can be improved to better serve you. Your participation and input in this plan can help to shape the future of your transit system in Marion County and shows the importance of public transportation in your community.